Analytics Tailored for your Industry

Today's platforms and technologies provide an endless choice of solutions for your analytics needs. However, that introduces a level of complexity which requires an investment in time and resources from your organization. Cloudnile provides Analytics Solutions that take the guesswork out of the technology by focusing on the business problem. We can then create a custom solution for your enterprise that conforms to the technology standards and provides outcomes required for your analysts and business leaders to make meaningful decisions.


The financial services industry in undergoing a significant digital transformation. Being able to offer your customers innovative products at the right time is powered by data. The good news for traditional financial institutions is that the wealth of data they have can differentiate products from a sea of competing products.



Today's Communications companies have the relationships with their customers that span multiple product lines. With technology blurring the lines over these channels, Communications providers need innovative analytics to make sense of it all. Therein lies the opportunity to optimize services to impact the bottom line.


With e-commerce on the rise, retailers need to optimize their inventories and serve diverse customer needs. This situation is optimized by supply chain solutions driven by data to precisely balance availability with cost.